A ‘golden flower’ for warmth, colour and happiness in your interior

China and Japan have been big fans of the chrysanthemum for centuries - and rightly so! This ‘golden flower’ provides warmth and colour, shines in every bouquet and also has a very long vase life.

Chrysant Bloemenagenda

Colours and shapes

You might almost forget that the chrysanthemum was originally yellow, since the flower now comes in an incredibly wide range of colours. Opt for colour and enrich your home with chrysanthemums in warm gold, bronze or deep orange tones or go for subtlety with chrysanthemums in shades of white, pink or purple.

This fantastic bloomer comes in different varieties: you can express your creativity with spray, disbudded or Santini chrysanthemums. On the latter, the flowers are branched on the stem and are far more compact to give a unique look. If that wasn’t choice enough, there are also many different flower shapes: from single to double-flowered and from spider to pom-pom shape.


The stylish chrysanthemum brings infinite colour into your home together with a healthy dose of happiness, since this flower represents health and happiness. It also makes a lovely gift!


The chrysanthemum has been incredibly popular in Asia for centuries. The flower originates in China and Japan, where they fell in love with it immediately and it arrived in Europe in around 1700. The  name derives from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower). In the past, they only came in a golden colour.

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Bouquet inspiration with chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums like making friends. They are easy to combine with other fabulous flowers such as roses and anthuriums to create a cheerful and extravagant bouquet; it’s quite an explosion of colour. You can make the overall effect more robust by placing it in a rugged pot. If you like the look of this bouquet, you can make it yourself or ask your florist to help you.