This flower brings warmth, colour and happiness to your interior

Chrysanthemum has been popular across China and Japan for centuries — and rightly so. This flower brings warmth and colour to any bouquet, and has an extremely long vase life of up to three weeks.

Colours and shapes

It's difficult to imagine that chrysanthemum was originally a yellow flower, since it now comes in a wide variety of colours. Warm your home in autumn with chrysanthemums in bright seasonal shades, such as gold, bronze and deep orange tones. Or choose a subtle, calm effect with chrysanthemums in shades of white, pink or purple.

This fantastic flower has many different varieties. Spray, disbudded and Santini chrysanthemums all add interest to a flower arrangement. On the latter, the compact flowers grow branched on the stem, creating a mass of colourful petals. There are also many different petal shapes, from single to double petaled, plus spider and pom-pom styles. 


Chrysanthemum represents health and happiness, bringing a welcome dose of joy to your home. The positive meaning makes a bunch of chrysanthemums a lovely gift from a well-wisher to their friend.


Chrysanthemum is native to China and Japan, arriving in Europe in around 1700. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek words chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower), paying tribute to the golden yellow colour of the original flower.