Chrysanthemum bouquet for seekers of happiness

Embrace the end of summer with bright colours and warm symbolism

We all suffer from it from time to time: sad nostalgia for the summer. So fight the blues with the chrysanthemum, which is on the Flower Agenda right now: this flower represents health and happiness.

Boeketrecept met chrysant

You will need

A cheering sight

It’s not just the chrysanthemum’s symbolism that lifts you out of your dip - how about those colours? Create a bouquet of warm orange and cheerful pink chrysanthemums with bright pink Gloriosa, Callicarpa’s purple berries and pink snowberries and Callas. That way you’re not just mixing colour: the shapes together also create a cheering display.

XL and extra-long enjoyment

This bouquet also offers a happy bonus, since Callicapra remains beautiful indefinitely. So when your chrysanthemum bouquet has finished flowering give the purple berries a second life, possibly in a chunky bottle. In that way the branches will effortlessly carry you into autumn.


Your bouquet can also make a splash on Instagram. Share it with the hashtag #howflowersdothat