5 meaningful flowers for Father's Day

Strong flowers with a loving message

There's nothing better than flowers for an original Father's Day gift. It's fun to give your dad a bouquet of blooms with powerful meanings that portray your emotions towards him. Let us inspire you with five flowers that are sweet and powerful at the same time: just like your father. 

bloemen voor papa
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Flowers can have the reputation as being a feminine gift, but there's no reason at all that men can't appreciate a good bouquet. Research shows that men and flowers are a great match, and that they experience positive feelings of happiness and love when receiving flowers as a gift. 

Chrysant | gouden geluksbloem | Chrysantemum

1. Chrysanthemum

If we're talking about strong stems with exuberant flowers, it makes sense to start with the chrysanthemum. This beauty lasts a long time once cut and symbolise happiness and health. Chrysantemum, the Greek name for chrysanthemum, means 'golden flower', making it an excellent choice to show your love and appreciation this Father's Day. 

calla | kelkbloem | vaderdag bloemen | symboliek calla

2. Calla

Proud, festive, strong, pleasure: those are just some of the words we can find to describe the impressive calla. This versatile flower looks self-assured and imposing, and its enveloping foliage makes it look both friendly and caring at the same time. If your dad's not much of a pastel guy, Calla's selection of dark and intense colours is a good fit.

anjer | carnation | bloem vaderdag | symboliek anjer

3. Carnation

The variety of colours alone is enough to make the carnation a favourite. You can be sure that there’s an appropriate colour for every father, no matter their taste. The petals are so delicate that they appear to be made out of paper. But appearances can be deceptive: this dainty flower is stronger than you think! It not only survives cold winters and fluctuating fashion trends, but outlasts generations - it was a favourite in Roman times. 

alstroemeria | symboliek bloemen | bloem vaderdag

4. Alstroemeria

The slender stem of the alstroemeria bears not one but up to six or more brightly coloured flowers, with each bloom representing a different quality: understanding, humour, patience, compassion, decisiveness and respect. It's long-lasting once cut and symbolises friendship, so it should certainly be included in your Father’s Day bouquet.

anthurium mooiwatbloemendoen

5. Anthurium

The anthurium is not afraid of anything: by opening its powerful bract it shows the whole world its pistil. A confident flower, it brings an intense energy to bouquets thanks to its sturdiness and bright range of colours. Anthurium symbolises beauty and the heart-shaped bracts endorse the love you feel for your dad. As if that wasn't enough, it has the longest shelf life of any cut flower, so your dad will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come!

Make your Father's Day bouquet last for as long as possible

If you're going to the trouble of gifting a floral bouquet, it's a good idea to take a little time to ensure that your flowers will last for as long as possible. These practical tips for caring for cut flowers will ensure that your dad will enjoy the bouquet to the max!


These flowers offer so much energy, power and radiance that they can't help but create a stunning Father’s Day bouquet! We'd love to see your Father's Day flowers. If you have made your dad super-happy with this fabulous bouquet, share it on Instagram with the hashtag #howflowersdothat! Feeling inspired? Discover more ideas for celebrating Father's Day here.