The hero of the flower world

The gladiolus can certainly be considered splendid and enrapturing. This hero likes to rise high and show off all its colours, from late spring until well into the autumn. It enjoys nothing more than making a grand gesture in a vase.


Colours and shapes

The gladiolus is distinctive because the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem: a double treat! The flowers come in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream and multiple colours per flower. 


The gladiolus has an extremely heroic meaning. The name comes from the Latin ‘gladius’, which means sword and symbolises strength, victory and pride. That meaning dates all the way back to Roman times, when gladiators in the arena literally fought to the death. When a gladiator won, he was showered in gladioli. Even today, cycle racing has the phrase ‘to the death or to the gladioli’ and participants in walking events are presented with gladioli at the finish line.

Gladiool Bloemenagenda Mooiwatbloemendoen

A spectacular bouquet with gladioli

These all-conquering flowers enthusiastically point in all directions. They’re tall and require some attention (which they certainly merit!) but they also combine very well with other flowers such as hydrangea, Solidago and Sanguisorba officinalis, which elevate the gladiolus even higher. When the colours are echoed in the vase, the picture is complete! Your florist will be happy to help you make up this spectacular bouquet.