DIY: place your flowers in a crocheted vase

Summer is in the offing, so that's our hook

The rays of sunshine cover your week like a warm blanket and the days are long enough again to be able to enjoy them properly. Flirty summer skirts are out in force again, together with an airy summer scarf. This scarf is for your gladiolus, and you can make it yourself!  While this DIY is for people who have some experience crocheting, if you’ve never crocheted a vase before that’s ok! You can find the simple instructions below. 


You will need

  • Your favourite flowers (we used gladioli and sandersonia)

  • Plastic jerry can

  • Crochet hook

  • Ball of string in your favourite colour

  • Hole punch and knife

Gladiool Mooiwatbloemendoen DIY

How to make it

Step 1:

Cut the top off the jerry can with a sharp knife. Then make evenly-spaced holes (2.5 cm apart and 1 cm below the rim) all the way round.

Gladiool Mooiwatbloemendoen DIY

Step 2:

Now crochet a 5 cm trim.

Gladiool Mooiwatbloemendoen DIY

Step 3:

Create a frame on the inside of the vase to keep the flowers upright. Job done! Sit back and enjoy. 

Gladiool Mooiwatbloemendoen DIY

For a change

You can also opt to use different colours of string, or to make the trim a bit wider. Do what you want - it’s your vase!