Decorate your home with greenery for instant happiness

From ancient tradition to contemporary style statement
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In the past a lot of green decorations were made from flowers and plants during midsummer celebrations: beautiful floral crowns, the familiar maypole, but also wreaths to hang around the home. Flowers and plants were said to have magical and healing powers and to bring luck during midsummer nights. That’s why they made wreaths and hung them on and in their home in order to attract happiness for the coming year. Whether or not it’s a superstition, beautiful greenery like this is bound to make everyone instantly happy.

Instant Happiness

A wreath on the front door does not have look fussy at all. By opting for a larger shape with a simple colour palette, it remains a classic and attractive creation. Think of the wreath as a modern styling option, and do it yourself.

You will need

  • A hoop or other round shape
  • Florist’s tape or metal wire
  • Various types of flowers and plants; we opted for: ivy, grevillea, jasmine, delphinium, lady’s mantle, ears of corn and grasses

How to make it

The hoop is at the heart of this wreath. Wrap a base layer around the ring shape until it is no longer visible. Ivy and grevillea are very suitable for this. Secure it with florist’s tape or metal wire. You can then supplement the wreath with any flowers and plants that you think work well.

The wreath does not have to be evenly covered all the way round. The wreath that we made had a focus at the top. Just keep playing until you’re satisfied with the result!

The photo also features a mono bouquet with gladioli. Aren't they beautiful in their simplicity?

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