Bouquet recipe: a summer mountain walk

An adventurous and wild bouquet

Would you like some adventures in the mountains? Do you enjoy views of green meadows and snow-capped mountain peaks? Would you rather put on your walking shoes than your slippers in the summer? Then you can create your favourite holiday feeling with this bouquet!

mountain bouquet |
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From forget me not to Allium and Latrus seeds: for this bouquet we use flowers and branches with striking, sturdy shapes. Ready for an adventure? Pull on your hiking boots and let your inner compass show you the way to the local florist. Did you bring flowers home to arrange yourself? Then all you have to do is relax and dream away at that ultimate holiday feeling in the mountains.

You will need

How to make it

Keep that relaxed holiday feeling in mind and make life easy for yourself: ask your local florist to arrange a you a bouquet. Want to stay active this summer? Try arranging the bouquet yourself - and take a look at our article about arranging a field bouquet for inspiration. Don't worry about finding the right vase: a thermos flask or tall drinking cup gives an extra adventurous touch.

A suitcase full of flowers

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