Bouquet recipe: summer in the city

A romantic city trip in a bouquet

A taste of life in an unknown city, walking through atmospheric alleys, enjoying sights and then plopping yourself down on a sunny you also like city trips? With this bouquet, you'll be able to imagine yourself in the city of your dreams.

summer in the city bouquet |
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This summer, we won't have a lack of romance. This bouquet, starring the beautiful roselily, uses all this flower's charms to rekindle your love for summer. So what are you waiting for? Put on your sunglasses, bring your camera (you never know what you'll encounter along the way!) and get everything you'll need for this 'summer in the city' bouquet.

You will need

How to make it

Keep that relaxed holiday feeling and make life easy for yourself by asking your local florist to arrange a bouquet. Would you rather make this romantic bouquet yourself, or together with your loved one? Choose the most beautiful flowers you can find and cut the flowers unevenly at an angle to create playful height differences. This bouquet looks best in a tall, narrow vase. Need a little help? In this article we give you tips about arranging a field bouquet.

A suitcase full of flowers

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