Trend: inner retreat

A moment for yourself

The pressure of modern life can feel relentless. We must all have a successful career, shine as a parent or partner (or both), maintain a social life, keep fit and eat healthily, without even mentioning the demands of social media. The list is endless, and our performance-obsessed society has set the bar for achievement high. As a result, we often feel overstimulated, but however much we complain about the pressure, we can’t tune it out completely. How do we restore balance? The answer goes to the heart of the Inner Retreat trend, which is all about self-care and destimulation.

Inner Retreat Trend


The focus of Inner Retreat is on calm and serenity, and creating an environment in which we can recharge. Flowers and plants with recognised relaxing properties are central to the theme, as are traditional gestures that we find familiar, and a monochromatic palette that creates a space for deflecting outside stressors.


Everything associated with Inner Retreat has passed through a soft, muting filter. We see mainly rounded, delicate forms in pastel and natural shades, with an accent of pink here and there. White is a colour that frequently occurs in the colour palette. Patterns only appear if they are soothing, and natural structures such as waffle and honeycomb are ever-present. Materials are mainly natural, and there’s a proliferation of semi-transparent substances like matt glass, resin and breathable fabric to create space and calm.


A few simple additions and adjustments will inject your home with the serenity of Inner Retreat. The feeling of the trend, for example, is instantly conjured with a frosted glass vase holding a serene and delicate bouquet of orchids and waxflowers in one or two simple colours. A bed of soft peonies or a minimalist bouquet with thistles and gypsophila also fit well with this trend. 


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We’d love to see your creations inspired by the Inner Retreat trend. Share your flower arrangements with us using the hashtag #funnyhowflowersdothat.