Makeover with Hypericum

Hypericum is keen to surprise you. After flowering, it produces beautiful berries on its branches. A natural makeover! These berries look delightfully rugged in an attractive bouquet, and their transformational abilities make them the ultimate autumn flower.

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During the flowering phase, you can recognise Hypericum by the golden yellow flowers. Berries grow on the branches after that. These white to dramatically dark red berries quickly add a rugged twist to a pretty bunch of flowers.


Hypericum is also known as St John’s wort. You’ve probably heard of it. This herb is often used to treat insomnia and depression. In the past, the herb was nicknamed ‘the devil chaser’. It was used as a protective herb against witches, sorcery and other misfortune. In other words, Hypericum in a bouquet ensures an evening without unwelcome visitors.


Hypericum originates from Bulgaria and Turkey but can be found throughout Europe.