Flowers and berries in one magic stem

Hypericum is a gift that keeps on giving. After flowering, the stems go on to produce clusters of beautiful berries. Hello 'new look' bouquet, and all without you lifting a finger. The berries will create great depth and contrast in arrangement of delicate blooms, and their excellent transformational qualities make them the perfect low-maintenance autumn flower.


During the flowering phase, you'll recognise Hypericum by its distinctive golden-yellow flowers. After that, when the flowers die back, berries will appear on the branches. These berries, ranging in colour from white to dramatically dark red, add a rustic, dramatic twist to a pretty bunch of flowers.


Hypericum is also known by its more common name of St John’s wort. You've probably heard of it in the context of a herb to treat insomnia and depression. In the past, this plant was even nicknamed ‘the devil chaser’ and its powerful properties meant it was used as protection against witches, sorcery and other misfortune. In other words, adding Hypericum to a bouquet helps safeguard your house against unwelcome visitors...


Hypericum originates from Bulgaria and Turkey but can now be found throughout Europe.