More flowers, more joy

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. Help yourself to a mince pie, turn up Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas, and decorate your house with red and green festive foliage. This year, embrace the traditions of Christmas, and add a modern floral twist: the more flowers there are, the more colour there is, and the more joy you'll feel.


Everything is better with flowers

Hosting the Christmas dinner should be a pleasure, not a chore. Make the day feel special with a beautiful festive tablescape, then bring in flowers to decorate, creating a festive feel with petals and a Christmassy fragrance in the house. Once you have the decorations sorted, everything else will take care of itself. A few festive recipes and Christmas biscuits, and you'll be feeling merry and cosy in no time.

Get the neighbours involved

Spread good cheer to friends, family and neighbours with a beautiful festive wreath on your front door, and say thank you to those who have helped you out this year with a festive goodie bag, the perfect size for leaving on somebody's doorstep. What to put inside? A slice of Christmas cake and a miniature version of the gorgeous Christmas bouquet with amaryllises that decorates your dining table, mantelpiece or hallway.

Personalise with flowers

Decorate your Christmas tree with an array of favourite flowers, or opt for rich red and pinks for a twist on classic decorations. If you have a long list of Christmas cards to send to loved ones, seal them with a flower for a personal touch. And to make your gifts even more special, we have a brilliant tutorial on wrapping presents with flowers. Extra gestures like these make every gift-giving moment, whether big or small, one to remember.


If you're looking for more flower-filled Christmas ideas, take a look at our Instagram page, and immerse yourself in a world of flowers, sweet treats and plenty of Christmas spirit.