Christmas with a generous helping of romance

It’s the most flowery time of the year

This year, Christmas will be more extravagant and magical than ever. Is it the wine, the promise of presents under the tree, the sensual eye contact, the soft fabrics that slide over your skin or the scent of beauty around you? Whatever it is, you’ve got (Christmas) butterflies in your tummy. Enjoy intimate chats with the sweet taste of red velvet on your tongue, quality time on the sofa illuminated by a stunning Christmas tree and flowers which make everything look even more beautiful. Total opulence. This year Christmas comes with a generous helping of romance.  


A romantic Christmas celebration

Are you a Christmas angel or a grinch? Are you a romantic, or do you prefer to shoot Cupid down? The holiday season and romance go happily hand-in-hand. The red of love is echoed in red velvet bows around Christmas presents, the passionate kisses that are given and received under the mistletoe, and the smart outfits that make it feel like date night. Suddenly the X in Xmas no longer stand the Christmas, but for a kiss. Brace yourself: this is going to be the most loving, overwhelming, exclusive, special, rich and passionate Christmas ever. A romantic Christmas with a capital R. 

Love is the trend

Romance and love hang in the air on everyone’s mind. One of the style trends for 2018 is Romance 3.0. A wonderful bubble in which you are surrounded by like-minded folk. Together you enjoy the sense of invincibility. It’s expressed in decadent interiors with rich materials and the most intense warm colours. And the botanical world is a key element. Floral patterns and botanical references are an essential part of any decor. 

Do it together

This December you will be doing it together - very romantic. Bake a delicious red velvet naked cake and toast the delicious result with a red-hot sweet cocktail. A romantic Christmas celebration is nothing without extravagant decorations. Tradition meets the richness of nature. So the Christmas tree is decorated with the most beautiful flowers and plants, the table is packed with botanical jewels in order to emphasise the opulence, and the rest of the house is filled with fabulous bouquets and plants which act as spectacular participants in the fantastic gathering. 

Green decor

You can see flowers and plants everywhere you look during this festive period. In the your shirt collar, in the print on your dress, pressed into a personal gift, on the table as a floral centrepiece and - to be on the safe side - in the spare room in a ‘make amends’ bouquet. But sadly we’re not there yet. Ease the wait and count down with a living temporary artwork on the wall in the form of a flower garland with love notes. You can bring more light to the evenings by lighting the Advent candles in the DIY candleholder with a floral touch. Before you know it, Christmas will be over. And you can relive this romantic Christmas in a delectable warm flower bath. Together, naturally.