Christmas presents wrapped with flowers

Bring smiles to faces with these special gift-wrapping ideas
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In the run-up to Christmas, we all spend weeks deliberating the perfect gifts for your loved ones. With all this effort put into choosing the gift, we want the ritual of unwrapping it to be properly savoured. When ordering online, we usuallyy have to wrap up presents ourselves — and without the help of a shop assistant, it's sometimes difficult to find the best way to decorate parcels in a way that does them justice. However, there's a solution at hand: follow our tips and your presents will look gorgeous under the tree. Plus, the sight of the mysterious item will be enough to conjure up all the suspense and excitement that your well-chosen gift deserves.

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Good preparation

Trust us when we say that planning well will save you an awful lot of headaches. No more messing around with torn paper and messy-looking parcels. Follow this checklist: scissors, adhesive tape, well-sourced wrapping paper, ribbon — not to mention fresh cut flowers.

Neatly does it 

Start with simple box shapes, then when you've hit a rhythm it'll be easier to tackle more awkward balls and cylinders. Choose wrapping paper that hints at the gift inside: a stylish block colour, or a luxurious print. Carefully measure out the shape you need, planning where the top and bottom of the parcel will go, and start wrapping.

Make sure the piece of paper is wide enough to wrap the box all the way round. It's always better to be safe than sorry — if it's too big, a neat trick is to fold the excess back on itself to shorten it. Bring two sides together over the the box and fasten securely with tape, then fold each corner in so it looks like an envelope and stick down. With some neat handiwork, you should only need three bits of adhesive tape. Once you've done that, then it's on to the decoration.

Finishing touches

A velvet ribbon, glittering string or paper name tag will boost the appearance of any carefully-wrapped present. But you need to go the extra mile - or at least to the florist - in order to really steal the show under this extra-gorgeous Christmas tree. A wonderful fresh flower tucked between ribbon and wrapping paper is guaranteed to work a treat. Choose the one that's a personal favourite of the person receiving the gift, and make Christmas morning even more magical.


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*Note: It is best to have the flowers ready in a vase of water and attach them to the presents as late as possible so that they look nice and fresh when your give your gifts. With the right preparation, this step takes very little time. If you leave a small stem on the flowers, they will also stay beautiful for longer.