DIY: glass bauble with a floral surprise

Beautiful on the table or the tree

Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year and thinking about how to decorate? Look no further! With this fun DIY, you'll have a sweet and floral surprise on your guest's plate in no time - and which will get a place of honour on the tree after dinner!

DIY boule de Noël au cœur fleuri
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you will need

  • Glass bauble
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Flowers, such as these classic winter flowers, or dried flowers such as gypsophilia for a longer-lasting decoration
  • Twigs from the Christmas tree
  • Feathers

how to make it

Remove the cap from the bauble. Fill the bauble with flowers and petals, for example, from a stem that was snipped when you went to make the Christmas bouquet recipe full of warm shades. Also cut a stem from the Christmas tree for some greenery. Fill the last space with a pretty coloured feather or a piece of ribbon.

Replace the cap and tie the ribbon to the eyelet which you can use to hang the bauble in the tree later. Want to make it extra special? Then add a handwritten note or use the bauble as a name tag for your seating arrangement. Place the bauble with its floral surprise on a linen napkin on your prettiest plates. Merry Christmas!


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