DIY: mini Christmas wreath for your champagne coupe

Flowers and bubbles!

Big or small makes little difference when it comes to flowers, and this mini Christmas wreath sparks a lot of joy. As this version of a wreath is smaller, it will fit right on top of your Christmas coupe of champagne. The combination of flowers and bubbles is effervescent!

Mini krans op je champagne coupe
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You will need

  • Sustainable oasis or sphagnum moss in chicken wire
  • For the wreath: your fauvorite (dried) flowers in your favourite Christmas colors. We used orchid, skimmia, baby's breath and red lagurus. Tip: by using dried flowers such as baby's breath and lagurus you can enjoy your mini Christmas wreath for an extra long time!
  • For under the glass: the favourite flower of your table guests or yourself. Use a larger flower for a real wow effect!

how to make it

Water the oasis or Spaghnum moss and let it drain, then poke the stems of the flowers into the shape. Make sure you have a good distribution of colour, shape and size. Feel free to play around with this!

You can choose a wreath with one type of flower or use a colourful collection. You can also use a colour gradient, such as from soft pink to deep red.

When the glasses are filled, remove the mini Christmas wreath from its base and use it as a table decoration.

Mini krans op je champagne coupe


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