Bring sunshine to autumn with delicate dancing petals

The Latin name Scabiosa has a romantically sweet sound to it, and the flower feels like a gentle welcoming gift from autumn.  So let’s stick to that name instead of the English name: scabious. This cheerful meadow flower was given this name because the Romans used it to treat all sorts of unpleasant skin diseases like scabies. It's also sometimes called the ‘pincushion flower’ in English.

Colours and shapes

Whilst it’s starting to rain more outdoors and the wind is getting up, you can brighten your home with fabulous flowers in white, yellow, red, blue or pale purple to deep purple. The tall upright stems ensure that the delicate dancing petals get all the attention. Or enjoy the wreath-shaped clusters of berries. Place them loose in a vase, or create a lavish autumn arrangement.

There are more than 1000 species of Scabiosa, from the Scabiosa Butterfly Blue with lavender flowers to the Scaboisa Stäfa with blue flowers. A delight for butterflies!


The fantastic sweetly scented Scabiosa represents pure love. It radiates warmth, love, purity and peace. That immediately makes it the perfect gift for a special occasion or to give someone a boost. If you receive one, you should definitely feel honoured!


This perennial originates from southern Europe and is a member of the honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae). In the UK the plant is listed as a Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.