Bouquet recipe: a vase full of memories

This season's trending bouquet

The nose is home to our strongest sense: smell. A whiff of perfume can instantly transport us to a happy memory. A favourite person, a place, a moment. An embrace, a tear or a tentative smile. Besides their beauty, flowers are known for their scent. Sometimes strong and powerful, sometimes delicate. Create a bouquet full of memories with the scent of flowers.

Boeketrecept: vaas vol herinneringen
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you will need


This bouquet fits perfectly with the current style trend Collecting Memories. This style trend is all about remembering and cherishing beautiful thoughts, happy moments and everything else you love. Want to know more about style trends? Read on here.

Boeketrecept: vaas vol herinneringen

how to make it

Consider in advance which vase you want to use for the bouquet. We chose a slightly narrower vase. The shape vase you choose will determine the look of your finished bouquet. We approached making the memory bouquet like a flower arrangement, putting the stems into the vase one by one.

Put all the stems on the table and see what length flowers you have. You can use longer stems to reach higher and emphasise height or width. This makes the bouquet playful and gives the whole thing more cachet. Look at the vase from all sides and make sure there are no gaps. A flower like dill can rest its head on the edge of the vase. Behind it, a stem with an eccentric rose peeks out. At height, flowers with soft powder tones wobble with a breath of wind. And so you build the whole thing up.

Keep playing until the bouquet is as you imagined it - or even better, of course!


This DIY is bang on trend and in line with our current trend collection Collecting Memories. Want to know more? Read all about it here, or check out more inspiration such as this DIY for pressed flowers.

Boeketrecept: vaas vol herinneringen