Spring celebration

If you see daffodils on sale in the florist or at the supermarket, you can be sure that spring is on its way. The trumpets of this cheerful flower herald the arrival of the new season.

Colours and shape

The best-known daffodil colour is bright yellow, but there are also beautiful combinations of white and salmon pink. There are also varieties with and without leaves, with large and small trumpets, and both strongly perfumed and fragrance free. The one thing they have in common however is that they're all here to celebrate spring.


The daffodil has a famous origin story. Narcissus, a beautiful young man from Greek mythology, didn’t notice the nymph Echo who was in love with him. In her rage and jealous, Echo made sure that Narcissus, when he went to drink from a stream, caught sight of his reflection in the water and became so in love with himself that he couldn’t tear his eyes away. In the end he became so exhausted that he fell into the water and drowned. On that spot a flower started to bloom which equalled the beauty of Narcissus: the narcissus, which we also call daffodil.


These beautiful trumpet shaped flowers grow naturally in meadows, woods and on rocky grounds in Western Europe.