A yellow arrangement for your daffodils

Let spring waft through your home
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Yellow is hot & here to stay. Last year we started to see this the bright colour recurring regularly in hip interiors, on the catwalk and in everyday objects. Yellow is a colour with which you say “this is worth looking at”. It draws attention, and turns a dull spot into an interesting corner. Time for interior update with one of our favourite yellow spring flowers: the daffodil. Because it’s only when you can rock yellow from top to toe that you really are a rock star.

Narcissen in geeltinten Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

Acknowledging colour

Beautiful yellow isn’t ugly! Pastel yellow, ochre, gold and yellow that verges on orange. Gather together everything you have in your home in this cheerful colour. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit zany: vases, a Bakelite phone, your daughter’s rubber duck or a vintage 70s lamp. Combine them with daffodils in various forms: completely yellow or those remarkable ones with an orange trumpet. Put everything together to create a fresh display that’s bursting with fun. 

Energetic colour in the home

The colour yellow galvanises you! It gives you optimism and energy, and stimulates mental activity. The perfect colour for in your home office, your hobby room or at work. Daffodils represent a new start, which is no coincidence since they’re a spring flower. Treat yourself or someone else to a bouquet of yellow daffodils at the beginning of a new project that they’re going to have to work hard on. That should get them off to a great yellow start!