DIY: decorate Easter eggs with flowers

Beautiful ornaments for hide and seek
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Forget chocolate for a moment. One of the best parts of a traditional Easter celebration is painting eggs with children. Instead of a sugar rush, these handmade decorations make delightful, meaningful treasures for hiding around the house. On Easter morning, it's wonderful to see their faces light up as they discover the beautiful eggs you made together. This year, replace the paint with natural spring flowers and delicate leaves. Read our instructions, and get creating.

paaseieren beplakt met bloemen
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You will need:

• Fern
• Verona Vein (Parthenocissus striata)
• PVA glue
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Brush

paasieren met bloemen beplakken

Get to work

There are two ways to prepare the egg so that it's hard enough to work with. The first option is to boil it for 12 minutes, then leave to cool completely. The other option is to make holes with a needle in the top and bottom of the egg, and blow out the raw insides. You can then use the egg for scrambled egg, omelette, or an Easter cake. Rinse the egg and coat it with PVA glue two or three times to harden the shell, leaving it to dry in between coats. Readying the egg in this way also means your decoration will last longer.

Select the flower or leaf that you want to use to decorate the egg. Delicate flowers are easier to work with and give the most attractive result.

Apply a coating of glue to the part of the egg that you want to decorate. Carefully place the flower or the leaf on the sticky part and, once it’s in place, brush the flower with some glue so that it’s firmly secured. The PVA glue will become transparent when it dries, leaving a shiny, glossy egg decoration.


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