DIY: Make a colourful floral curtain

One that also smells amazing

In springtime you want to be surrounded by flowers wherever you look. With this floral curtain you give spring flowers a prominent spot in your home in order to shine with their cheerful colours all day long. Talk about flower power… Spring really can start now!  

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You will need

  • A collection of attractive plastic bottles or test tubes (look online, or check out a car boot sale). For a playful effect use various shapes and sizes
  • Nylon wire or fishing line
  • A wooden stick or a branch
  • A drill

How to make it

To start, drill a hole in all the bottles or test tubes. If you need to drill into glass it’s best done under water to avoid any risk of flying glass splinters (check out tutorials on YouTube). If you’re using test tubes with raised edges, you can skip this step: you just wrap the wire firmly below the edge.

After drilling the holes, feed nylon wire or fishing line through them. Make sure that you leave enough length because there will be multiple test tubes hanging on the wire. Make as many wires as you like, and attach them to a stick. Secure the stick to the curtain rail, or use the drill to make holes for hooks in the ceiling.

Fill the vases with water and place flowers in the vases. You can vary the length of the stems to suit your personal taste. Finally, place an attractive flower in each vase. For an eclectic window opt for a palette of different flowers, and for a minimalist look stick to a single flower type. For a curtain with a real springtime feel use a mixture of tulips, mini carnations, anemones, daffodils, ranunculus, and gerberas.


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