It's good to see you!

Spring is finally here, which means throwing open the windows, celebrating the first day of wearing a skirt without tights, leaving jumpers in the drawer and feeling the rays of the sun on our faces. A big part of spring, of course, is flowers. This season we’re enjoying simple, seasonal flowers that have a big positive impact on our moods, whether that's a lovely fragrance that fills your house or a pretty DIY to make with children. Read on and be inspired by the joyful flowers of the season. It's great to see you again, spring — we're glad you've arrived.


Spring is synonymous with tulips. With so many different varieties available, you never get bored of the Pride of Holland. Learn how to mix and match tulips acccording to their colour, shape and symbolic meaning. Learn about the origins of the tulip and discover the unique tulip vases created to display them. Then be inspired to create your own tulip arrangement with our beautiful bouquet idea: calming white tulips

Sunny DIY craft projects

Enjoy the scent of spring at home with a DIY room spray filled with spring flowers. Get kids involved in playing with and learning about flowers and nature with a child-sized bouquet project — and then bring peace and calm back into your home with your own handmade serene white bouquet, in mono-floral, paired or mixed floral styles

Classic spring flowers

Spring brings a new array of flowers, and another opportunity to rediscover the classics and find new favourites. Begin by refreshing vases with tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Then fill the house with waxflower, viburnum, stock and muscari. If you run out of vases (which you may well do!) a pretty tumbler or clean jam jar creates a sweet, homely aesthetic. 

Spring board

If you're after more seasonal inspiration, our Spring board on Pinterst is bursting with flowers. Browse, pin and comment to your heart’s content. If you have your own spring board with flowers, then let us know where we can admire it, too.

Talk to us

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