An elegant and edible bouquet

With vegetables and edible flowers

When you think of an elegant bouquet, do you immediately think of dainty cut flowers? Think again! This edible bouquet full of vegetables and flowers* shines on every kitchen counter. Read on, find out what you need and make your own mouth-watering bouquet.

boeket groenten eetbare bloemen | mooiwatbloemendoen
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a fun vessel for your bouquet

Try something new for this kitchen-themed bouquet and arrange your vegetables and flowers in a colander. This is great for a centrepiece on your kitchen table. For the best effect, use a colander made of earthenware or enamel, with a light or earthy colour. To water your colander bouquet, simple submerge flowers and colander alike in a sink filled with water. Want a more traditional vessel? Then use your deepest dish or bowl.

you will need

  • Colander (or your deepest dish or bowl)
  • Seasonal vegetables of your choice. In our example, we used lettuce, fennel, rhubarb, courgette, spring onion and oregano. 
  • Edible flowers such as allium (ornamental onion), chamomile, lily and aster.*

how to make it

You don't have to be a prince or princess of the kitchen to make this bouquet. Simply arrange the vegetables and flowers in the colander or bowl and play with heights and the different shapes and colours of your ingredients. Continue arranging until you are happy with the result. The fun thing is that this bouquet is dynamic. Every time you incorporate a vegetable (or flower) into your dish, the appearance of your bouquet changes, keeping things fresh!


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*Please note: flowers from the florist or supermarket are not suitable for consumption. Only use edible flowers from specialised suppliers that have been grown for eating. It can be difficult to find edible varieties of the above flowers. Of course, you can also use the non-edible varieties as colourful fillers for the bouquet.

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eetbaar boeket | mooiwatbloemendoen