DIY: Happy Stones with flowers

For a rock-solid mood

Have you ever heard of Happy Stones? The idea is simple: you find a smooth stone, make a work of art on it, and hide it somewhere as a gift for an honest finder (or yourself). And to give stones an extra happy look, decorate them with flowers, of course! Read on and get started with this DIY.

diy happy stones | mooiwatbloemendoen
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Happy stones with flowers

In this DIY, we decorate Happy Stones with flowers. In our example, we used chamomile and astrantia. These two beauties are light in colour and have relatively small flowers, making them perfect on a painted stone! Find out what you need and how to make your own Happy Stones with flowers below.

you will need

  • Smooth stones (use real stones, such pebbles you picked up at the beach. You can also buy smooth, round stones at garden centres and some DIY stores)
  • Primer (so the paint sticks well to the stone)
  • Acrylic paint (to paint the stones)
  • Paint pens (to draw on the stones)
  • Flowers, such as chamomile and astrantia
  • Glue (to glue the flowers onto the stones)
  • Varnish (colourless varnish that serves as a protective layer)

how to make Happy Stones

  1. Collect the smooth stones you want to use. Tip: only use real stones, not cast models made of plaster or cement.
  2. For the best results, first apply primer to the stone so that the paint will adhere well to it later.
  3. Paint the stones in a colour (or colours) of your choice.
  4. Decorate the stones with paint pens and stick flowers onto them.
  5. Paint the stones. You can do this a few times for best results and different effects.
  6. Hide the stones for some lucky person to find, give them as a gift to a loved one, or keep them yourself!


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zelf happy stones maken | mooiwatbloemendoen
happy stones maken | mooiwatbloemendoen