A spring bouquet with fresh colours and a sweet scent

A classic spring bouquet with sweet peas and viburnum

For a fresh spring feeling in your home, the classic approach is to get stuck into some spring cleaning. Not feeling like getting out the mop and feather duster quite yet? This bouquet will bring a fresh, springlike feeling into your home in no time at all! Read on and discover this bouquet, how to care for the flowers, their symbolism and much more.

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beautifully fragrant spring flowers

This fresh spring bouquet has two star performers - Lathyrus, also known as the sweet pea, and Viburnum. Sweet pea is a fragile, cheerful flower with a romantic look. Part of the butterfly flower family, it comes in many colours ranging from white to pink, red and purple, and has an enchanting, sweet fragrance that is used in many a perfume. Viburnum also spreads a lovely, sweet scent. This cheerful floral ball has immaculate white or soft pink flowers and fresh green leaves.


A bouquet of sweet peas and Viburnum is not only beautiful to look at, it's also filled with meaning. The sweet pea flower, because of its delicate and strong blooms, symbolises gentleness and friendship. With its long, upright stems and bulbous flowers, Viburnum symbolises pride, or proudness. Viburnum is also a symbol of eternal friendship. With these thoughtful symbolisms, this bouquet makes a fabulous gift for a loved one - or for yourself!

how to care for sweet pea and VIBURNUM

Once you've brought in this bouquet of spring blooms into your home, you'll naturally want to keep the flowers fresh and thriving for as long as possible. Check out our care tips below:

  • Cut the flowers diagonally with a sharp knife.
  • Place the flowers in a glass vase filled with about 3 centimetres of lukewarm water. Note: sweet pea doesn't like too much water, as it can drown. As sweet pea flower stems have no leaves, the flower breathes through the stem, so too much water will limit its breathing abilities. It's important to ensure that the water is lukewarm rather than cold, as Viburnums will droop if the flower is placed in cold water.
  • Add cut flower food to prolong the life of the flowers.
  • Do not put the bouquet in a draught, in full sun or next to a fruit bowl.
  • Change the vase water regularly and always leave around 3 centimetres of water in the vase.


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