Flowers under your pillow will help you in love

Sleep like a log with this romantic tradition

In Sweden, girls collect seven different flowers during Midsummer's Eve. Put these under your pillow, and then at night you dream of your true love. To lure that true love into your dreams, we give you not seven but nine suggestions. Bound together in a beautiful bouquet. So, start collecting these flowers and quick to bed!

Flowers under your pillow

1. Peony

Romantic, strong, sweet, attractive, delicate, aromatic and versatile: no, we are not talking about your true love, but about the wonderful peony. Although we can imagine that this is how you might picture your prince or princess. Keep hope: the peony is the symbol for love, happiness and health, so who knows, maybe true love will suddenly walk into your dreams.

2. Lathyrus

The lathyrus complements its delicate appearance with a sensual, alluring scent. With this flower you can turn the night into a pink dream. In addition, the flower symbolises gentleness: a fine quality for a future lover.

3. Chamomille

The chamomile looks fragile, particularly when the white petals start to droop at the end of the flowering season leaving the yellow heart bared. But, do not be fooled by looks: this little star is stronger than you think! It grows where it wants, spreads a wonderful scent and heals better than three doctors put together.

4. Cornflower

In the past, the colour of the cornflower was considered to be the perfect eye colour. That doesn't surprise us. Nothing against dark eyes, but the colour of the cornflower is so special and beautiful, everyone is in love with it. If you are looking for cornflowers, don't go to the florist. The cornflower is rebellious and grows in the wild. You will have to catch one, just like true love.

5. Sage

Sage spreads a Mediterranean scent that is not only delicious, but also has a calming effect on the mind. Ideal to lure in your lover and then express your love with a relaxed heart.

6. Delphinium

It's a shame to put such a nice flower under your pillow. But, we do crazy things for love. However, if we are going to lie our heads on a flower, then there must be a good reason. Well, with the beautiful Delphinium there are two reasons. It guards and protects and is a sign of devotion in love.

7. Masterwort (Astrantia)

The masterwort is cheerful, long flowering and can happily survive the harsh winter months. With a bit of imagination, you can turn these positive characteristics into the ingredients for happy love. So, put them under your pillow soon.

8. Aquilegia

This somewhat unfamiliar beauty is also known as 'solider'. We suspect this is due to its incredible endurance. Even minus thirty degrees has no effect, it remains proud and firm until the suns embrace comes again. A real go-getter. Any love can use this kind of discipline.

9. Spirea

Wow, what a flower! With its festive and confident appearance, the spiraea brings just the right energy and belief that you need to have a love affair.  You can be sure that your love will not turn down this invitation.

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