Bouquet recipe: still life with daisies

A bouquet to place on a pedestal

This beautiful daisy bouquet couldn't be more different to the kind of floral bouquet usually portrayed in artworks, surrounded by obscure memorabilia and extravagant foods. This still life bouquet with daisies in the leading role brings joy and hope, and it's so beautiful that it deserves a pedestal.

Boeketrecept: stilleven met margriet
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You will need


Experimenting with creating this bouquet yourself will be rewarding and have a positive effect on your mood, but if you'd like some help, ask your local florist to arrange it for you. 

We chose an outdoor plant pot, which gives the bouquet a luxurious look. You can also stretch chicken wire over the opening for extra strength when you place your flower stems. Simply put the flowers through the openings of the chicken wire in the arrangement that you want. A still life bouquet is characterised by its shape, and this one has an almost diagonal shape. Make sure there is variation in flowers, shape, structure and length. Do you have a flower that takes the leading role? Then make sure that this flower is the first focal point.

Examine the bouquet from all sides, placing extra daisies in bare spots and arranging the stems until you have a lush and balanced whole. Are you satisfied? Place this bouquet on a pedestal - it deserves a place of honour!


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