Blue thistle

For happy bees and special bouquets

Blue thistle is also known as cross thistle. You can recognise it by its tough, lush leaves and soft, blue-purple flower head. Or follow the trail of bees and butterflies, as they love this thistle!

Colours and shapes

The blue thistle, with its tough and gentle character, is a striking bloomer. There are various types of blue thistle. As the name suggests, all varieties are characterised by blue to purple flower heads. The stem of the blue thistle can reach a height of 40-70 cm. The flower is easy to combine with other cut flowers and turns any bouquet into a lavish party! 


Blue thistle belongs to the umbellifer family, also known as Apiaceae. The flower occurs in all regions with a temperate climate, but the greatest diversity of species can be found in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. 


You could say that the thistle symbolises life. The combination of the soft flower core and the spiky leaves shows that life has both happy and sad periods. Traditionally, the thistle has been praised for its medicinal properties in, among other things, skin disorders, coughs and infections.