Retro-looking flower with a romantic, vintage feel

Maybe the name means nothing to you, but Limonium was extremely popular in the 1980s as a dried flower. Today, this bloom is back in fashion. It fits perfectly with our hazy, Polaroid nostalgia for perfect summers in the past.

limonium -

Colours and shapes

Limonium is available in white, blue, yellow, lilac, purple, pink and bi-coloured varieties. You also can get lovely branched varieties, full of small flowers in grey, blue or lilac shades. This flower has extremely long vase life, lasting betwen 7 and 21 days with regular top-ups of water.


Unfortunately, little is known about the symbolism of the Limonium. However, there are several stories about the leaves being used for medicinal purposes. They are said to help with coagulation and stop bleeding. The daintly petals make this strong, helpful and sweet flower an excellent gift of appreciation for a friend.


Limonium grows in the wild in the Mediterranean, mainly by the sea. The name Limonium comes from the Green work Leimon, meaning pasture. You can also find the flower under the name statice or sea lavender.