Bouquet recipe: a spectacle of colour with gerberas

Go on - add one more colour!

Flowers make us happy. And flowers in an array of colours on display is a winning recipe for widening eyes, a broad smile and ooh's and aah's. You can make this rainbow bouquet with the most cheerful and versatile flower we know: the gerbera. 


What you need:

What’s your favourite colour? And your second favourite? And your third favourite? When you make a bouquet with gerberas, you don’t have to choose. Yellow, pink, red, purple, white, orange: you can’t think of anything for which there isn’t a matching colour or shape. Get the most beautiful varieties from your florist and combine them with lilacs, Bouvardia, Alchemilla, Statice and green trick. That’s guaranteed to give you both a colourful bouquet and happy faces. 

Is that a gerbera?

We can all draw the classic gerbera. Even a child can do it. The flower has a simple structure that never gets boring. But are you also familiar with the many other types of gerbera? Those with a beautiful black or green heart, or with a different shape: single and double flowered, pom-pom and spider shapes. Yes, those are gerberas too! 

Make up your own meaning    

Gerberas are not known for their symbolism. They are known for their ability to conjure up a smile on every face. It’s also nice to be able to give a bouquet without too much fuss, simply because you want to make someone else happy. And that’s precisely what the versatile gerbera is good at!