From South Africa to your vase

This flower both adds opulence to a bridal arrangement and rocks the bouquet on your kitchen table just as well. Let's welcome Serruria with open arms!

Colours and shapes 

The Serruria is not easily overlooked. It has large ivory coloured flowers with pointed petals and flaming pink accents. In the middle of the flower you will see the heart, a fluffy creation surrounded by red and pink pointed petals. The leaves on the stem of Serruria are narrow, sturdy and pointed. This strong flower is often seen in bridal bouquets.


There is no known symbolic meaning to this flower, so why not give it a meaning yourself? The fact that the flower lasts a long time and is a welcome guest at weddings could mean 'eternity' or something similar. 


In the wild, Serrruria grows as a shrub in South Africa's Franschhoek Valley, in the south of the country. The Swedish botanist Carl Thunberg 'discovered' it for the first time in 1773. The flower is related to the Protea, which can be seen in the heart of the Serruria. The flower owes its special name to the Dutch botanist J. Serrurier. The Serruria is also commonly known as Blushing bride.