Speckles of sun in your bouquet

Yellow, fluffy and compact, that's how you recognise knotweed. The flower is called Ajania pacifica and gives a summery, airy vibe to your bouquet.

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We can be brief about the flower colour here: it is yellow. If you come closer, you will see that the flowers of knotweed actually look most like little chrysanthemums, growing in clusters. Beautiful, sturdy green leaves with a silver-grey margin adorn the flower stem.


Knotweed officially has no symbolic meaning, but our suggestion would be that positivity fits these cheerful little flowers perfectly. What do you think?


There is no shortage of siblings for this flower. This is because knotweed comes from the plant family Asteraceae, or the composite family. And that is a big one! Chrysanthemum, aster and sunflower are just a few of its relatives. The flower originates from Asia.