Bouquet recipe: a dried thistle bouquet

For an autumn of fun
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Ever feel sad when your bouquet has finished flowering? We do too!Don't worry: with this bouquet recipe, you don't have to completely swap the contents of your vase for new flowers, and you'll enjoy a beautiful autumn bouquet for months to come.

dried thistle bouquet |

This bouquet consists of a beautiful mix of fresh flowers and dried flowers. With their luxuriant foliage, the thistles give this autumn bouquet a tough look. The carnations, with their cheerful colours and lovely petals, are the perfect counterpart. Limonium, the dried flower of the 80s, is also a must. And what about dried flowers such as Heracleum and Lagarus? Their names may not ring a bell, but you will certainly recognise them as dried flowers. 

You will need

How to make it

Ask your local florist to arrange this bouquet, or work with these tips for arranging a bouquet yourself. Have the carnations finished flowering? Then remove them from the bouquet and enjoy the other (dried) flowers for a long time to come. Limonium and blue thistles can be given a second lease of life by drying them, in keeping with this season's style trend. That way they can continue to shine, just like the other dried flowers! 

What does your autumn bouquet look like? Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #funnyhowflowersdothat and #balancedbiotope. Could you use a bit more green in your home? Why not create a green indoor border, make autumnal mini-bouquets or enjoy a homemade wreath for your wall?