Style trend: Balanced Biotope

Living more consciously, in balance with nature
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Carefree consumption is no longer cool. Climate change is making us aware that behavioural changes are necessary. Recycling, upcycling and themes such as sustainability and zero waste are becoming increasingly important and more and more desirable. This 'green emancipation' translates into this season's style trend: Balanced Biotope. 

Style trend Balanced Biotope focuses on an environmentally conscious life with much attention to organic, sustainable products and natural materials and colours. In short, the trend inspires you to create a natural environment, where you can live in balance with nature. Give love to everything that grows, and receive that love back!

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Trend ingredients Balanced Biotope

This season's style trend translates into all kinds of sustainable innovations, the use of biodegradable raw materials, and reusing non-natural materials. Furthermore, this season we see many organic forms and robust, industrial objects. 

Patterns within this trend are rough and mostly based on textures from nature. We embrace natural, raw materials such as stone, wood, bamboo, cork and textiles. There are also mottled patterns, reminiscent of fungi and mushrooms. As for colour, this style trend exudes 'natural'. Think sandy, grey and yellow-green tones. A touch of industrial blue and terracotta give the style trend some extra diversity and guts. 

Balanced Biotope in the interior

Balanced Biotope inspires to create an optimal balance with nature and a different view on green. Bringing a few flowers into the house is not enough. In fact, flowers and plants are becoming as important as the rest of the interior, but in an environmentally conscious way. Think for example of indoor landscaping, sustainable dried flower bouquets and homemade home fragrances. The presentation of flowers is also as you would expect from this trend. This season, we mainly see flower pots made of bio-based materials and vases with organic designs.

Applying Balanced Biotope with flowers

Your interior doesn't have to undergo a complete metamorphosis to apply this style trend. Just a few adjustments can make a big difference! An upcycled vase containing an amaryllis or a bouquet of blue thistles will immediately give you that Balanced Biotope feeling. 

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