DIY: upcycle your vase

And let the amaryllis shine

An empty bottle that you don't use, a big pot that's been cluttering up your kitchen for months, or that old vase that has been gathering dust in the cupboard for years...are these things ready to be recycled? No way! Give old items a new life and upcycle them as flower vases. We bet that your interior and mood will improve from this mini metamorphosis.

amaryllis in a vase |

The great thing about this DIY is that you don't need much for it, and it's a simple way to give your interior an eco-friendly upgrade. You can never go wrong with upcycling, because giving stuff a new and better life is always a good thing to do! As for the contents of the vase? Keep it nice and simple. Choose a single stem of amaryllis, for example. This stately beauty symbolises pride and, as a sparkling flower, provides warmth on cold winter days. 

You will need

  • An empty bottle, large pot, old vase or other item that you can turn into a vase
  • Amaryllis, or another flower/flowers

How to make it
Step 1

Find an old item (or several items) that can function as a vase.

Step 2

Fill the items with water and insert a stem or several flowers. We used the amaryllis because it's one of the stars of this season's Trend Collection, and because its long stem makes it a gorgeous solo performer. Also, the vase we used for this DIY is ideal for a relatively heavy flower like the amaryllis.

Have you also given your old things a new lease of life? Share your metamorphosis with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #funnyhowflowersdothat and #balancedbiotope. Still in creative mood after this DIY? Then why not make your own fragrant autumn perfume or create a green indoor border?