Behind the scenes of growing Marrewijk Amaryllis

Step into the Marrewijk Amaryllis greenhouse

Step into the Marrewijk Amaryllis greenhouse and you'll see immediately that stately beauties grow and bloom there. A classic winter flower often associated with Christmas, the brightly coloured petals, elegant appearance and warmth this bloom radiates rightly make it the twinkling star of the festive season.

Have you ever wondered how Amaryllis is grown? Read on, take a look inside the greenhouse and find out all about the sustainable growing process, behind these plants, Amaryllis care and much more!

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Arno and Lisa van Marrewijk have been growing Amaryllises for almost 30 years. Arno started the nursery in Rijswijk in 1994. In 2013, Marrewijk moved to a new greenhouse in De Lier, covering some 10,500 square metres. Every year, Marrewijk grows half a million cut amaryllises, which are sold at the Royal FloraHolland auction during the colder months of the year.


Arno and Lisa grow amaryllises with the latest technology and in the most sustainable possible way. Sustainability is in Arno and Lisa van Marrewijk's DNA. They aim to produce amaryllises of the highest possible quality, in the most sustainable way.  How do they do that?

  • Marrewijk makes smart use of solar energy. Solar collectors are used to heat water. During sunny periods, the warm water is stored in the ground. During colder periods, this heat is extracted from the ground using a heat pump to heat the greenhouse.
  • Since using the solar collectors, Marrewijk no longer uses gas to heat the greenhouse, making them carbon neutral. In fact, the amaryllises absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.
  • Marrewijk works with biological pest controllers and makes every effort to prevent pests naturally. For example, thrips (small insects with wings that damage crops and plants) are controlled with the use of other insects, montdorensis and orius, which eat the thrips and their offspring.
  • Marrewijk has the MPS A+ label, a quality assessment in the Dutch flower and plant trend with grades from A+ to C. This means that the nursery is very environmentally friendly in its use of fertilisers, pesticides and energy.
  • Waste is separated and minimised as much as possible. In addition, plastic packaging is replaced with paper or other sustainable material.

"Sustainability is in our DNA"

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Mr Plant Geek Marrewijk Amaryllis

mr plant geek and the Marrewijk AMARYLLIS

One of our favourite plant experts Mr Plant Geek recently visited the Marrewijk greenhouses to discover more about this wonderful flower and to film an exciting video for our channels. Come back soon to see the footage!


Amaryllis is sold as a cut flower and as a plant between September and April. It blooms mainly in winter and is internationally known not only as a winter bloomer, but also as a classical Christmas flower. Thanks to its large, brightly coloured flowers and the warmth and elegance it exudes, Amaryllis is a festive favourite. Unsurprisingly, it's often found in Christmas bouquets, garlands or in a Christmas wreath!


Amaryllises flower from an amaryllis bulb. Marrewijk places these bulbs in perlite pellets to allow more oxygen to reach the roots. The amaryllis bulbs produce 2-3 stems of amaryllises per flowering period. An amaryllis bulb stands about 3 flowering periods, or 3 years, in the greenhouse.

For spent amaryllises to flower again, the bulb and leaves must first grow for 8 months. The 8 month growth period is followed by a cold period of about 2 months. During this cold period, the bulbs regain their strength. By exposing them to warmth again after the cold period, new stems bloom from the bulb. Wondering how exactly this process works or want to make your amaryllis bloom again yourself? Then take a look at our Amaryllis plant guide for more information.

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different types of amaryllis

The main varieties of amaryllises grown by Marrewijk are Gervase (pink with white), Casablanca (white), Cassis (pink), Naranja (orange), Maestro (red) and Wimbledon (double white). Every year, Arno and Lisa visit amaryllis breeders to add new kinds of this lovely flower. They love to grow unusual varieties.


How do you care for a cut amaryllis? What's the best way to keep this flower thriving for as long as possible? Find out in our Amaryllis flower guide. The basics are a clean vase, regularly changed water and the right spot! Do you have an Amaryllis plant in your home? Then check out our Amaryllis plant guide for the best care tips.


Can't get enough of the Amaryllis? We understand! Find out more about the origin, symbolism and care of Amaryllis here. You can also marvel at the most beautiful Christmas decorations with Amaryllis, such as this exuberant Christmas bouquet and this colourful Christmas wreath

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