Autumn/Winter 2021 Trend Collection: Balanced Biotope

Discover the flowers of the season

This season is all about the emancipation of green. A few flowers in randomly chosen vases is no longer a thing of the past. Nature is an important stakeholder with a voice that cannot be ignored anymore!

Style Trend Balanced Biotope not only stands for more green and more floral splendour, but also for a more conscious use of it. Read on, discover the flowers of the season and give them pride of place in your house, garden or patio.

balanced biotope flowers |


The rose is a symbol of love. And in the case of this Trend Collection, the love of Mother Nature! The queen of flowers shouldn't be missing this season. The rose comes in countless colours and shapes, so there is always a rose that suits you. Has your rose almost finished blooming? Then of course you can give it a second life, for example by drying the flower or using it in a home spray


Limonium, also known as sea lavender, is the dried flower of the 80s. The flower has made a real comeback, making it indispensable in this Trend Collection. How about this wreath with Limonium? The flower fits perfectly with a vintage way of life. Another advantage is that it's available in many different colours, such as blue, yellow, purple, pink, white and even bi-coloured. 


This flower is a great example of design by nature. This makes Gloriosa, also called the Flame Lily, a perfect addition to the Balanced Biotope trend. Gloriosa combines a delicate, fresh green stem with graceful green-yellow pistils. Above them grow six wavy, flaming petals. Gloriosa is beautiful in autumn bouquets, but also lovely in a mini-bouquet or solo in small recycled vases and glasses.


The amaryllis, just like this Trend Collection, has nothing to hide. It has no leaves and is therefore also called the 'Naked Lady'. The amaryllis is a descendant of the daffodil family and grows from a bulb. As a sparkling flower with a long stem and star-shaped petals, it brings warmth on cold days. Our style tip: give this star a place in an upcycled vase

Blue Thistle

Blue with a raw edge, that's the blue thistle, also known as cross thistle. This thistle can be recognised by its lush growth, green-grey leaves and blue-purple flower heads. The flower is perfectly at home in this trend collection and is beautiful in combination with both fresh cut flowers and dried flowers. This mixed bouquet, with the blue thistle in the leading role, is proof of that. 


The tuberose is like a sweet, white explosion of flowers on a stem. The flower is a symbol of new creations. This symbolism fits well with the Trend Collection, in which sustainable innovations and renewable raw materials take centre stage. And did you know that scent of the tuberose gets stronger at night? The flowers have a jasmine and honey-like scent. We used this delicious scent in an autumnal home fragrance, which you can easily make yourself.

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