DIY: amaryllis for your festive table

Reserve a seat for the December flower par excellence

There are more than enough reasons to sit down around a festive table for a lovingly-cooked meal in December. Whether it's Christmas, Hannukah or New Year's Eve, an elegant tablescape and delicious food are seasonal essentials. If you find yourself wondering how to elevate your own kitchen table from the everyday to the exceptional, this super-simple amaryllis decoration will help you set the festive tone.

DIY: an amaryllis decoration for your festive table
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You will need

  • String
  • Washi tape or florist’s tape in festive red
  • Felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Amaryllis flowers

How to make it

Pick out the finest amaryllis flowers from the florist. There's plenty of choice: opt for classic Christmas red and white, or an eye-catching variegated colour. Depending on the length of the table, five to ten flowers is a good start.

Lay the amaryllis flowers next to one another and make sure that the blooms are level with one another. Wind the tape around the stems of the flowers at the same height for extra support and a professional feel.

Mark the middle of the tape with a small dot using a felt pen. You can then pierce the stem at that point with the narrow part of a pair of scissors, making a tiny hole.

Thread the string through the stems and distribute the flowers along it, spacing them out evenly. Trim any stems that stick out further than the rest. Hang the amaryllis chain above the table or on the walls. Job done!

Any flowers you have left over can be used as a decoration on the elegantly-laid table. Place a flower next to a cluster of large altar-style candles or fill a beautiful bowl with amaryllis flowers for instant chic.


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