Bouquet recipe: a Christmas bouquet full of warm colours

A colourful, bright Christmas

This year, Christmas is all about warmth, tradition and togetherness. The feeling of a crackling fireplace, picture-perfect wrapped gifts, a table full of delicacies and an abundance of lights in and on the house. This Christmas bouquet full of warm shades is an ideal fit. Red in all of its shades adorns the vase and warms your heart. We can hear the carols already!

Kerstboeketrecept met warme tinten
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you will need

how to make this christmas bouquet

Make this Christmas bouquet full of warm tones using your own chosen flowers, or the suggestion above. Ask your local florist to arrange a bouquet or go ahead and play around with the theme yourself. There are no rules, except one - you need a lot of flowers!

Placing chicken wire over the top of the vase can help position the flowers more firmly in the vase. Padding in the vase can give the arrangement more height. You could also use durable florist's foam to place the flowers.

With this bouquet, think especially about the three-dimensional shape and how the flowers will look from every side. The shape you're going for depends on where you want to place the bouquet. If you place the bouquet against a wall - like the example in the picture - then make sure it has a flatter back.


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