A scented spring flower

Stock makes an impression with a single stem. Its sweet fragrance is easy on the nose, and the vibrant colour display is pleasing to the eye. It’s no surprise they were once believed to be an aphrodisiac.


Stock blooms in a variety of colours, from white to yellow, pink to red and even in shade of violet and lavender. The grey tones of the leaves contrast beautifully with the intense colours of the flowers. At the head of the stem, you'll find a small flower cluster with cup-shaped four-part flowers.


With their long lasting blooms and spicy, clove-like scent, stock flowers stand for lasting beauty and a happy life. The flower's botanical name is Matthiola, believed to be named after an Italian botanist and doctor called Pierandrea Matthiola. This enterprising man cultivated these flowers in the belief that they had medicinal values due to their strong scent. He hoped they would promote aphrodisiac feelings of love and lust, but it was probably wishful thinking. 


Stock grows wild around the Mediterranean and on the Canary Islands, where the beautiful scented flowers bloom in the spring.