Surprise party for the Ilex

You will probably know the Ilex better as holly and then mainly in red, but pssst, we want to share a secret: it is also available in other surprising colours.

Colours and shapes

Ilex or holly is available in red, but also yellow, orange, green, cream and salmon pink. They may be not as classical as red, but very surprising and trendy. All types have a dark green stem between 30 and 120cm.


For centuries holly has symbolized life, with its evergreen leaves. This meaning fits well during Christmas but also before or after of course. These days we also use holly as a symbol. In a wreath it symbolizes friendship and faithful love.


You will find Ilex growing wild in southern and western Europe and western Asia. The Latin word Ilex comes from Quercus ilex (holly oak) because holly leaves look a bit like oak leaves.