Bouquet recipe: rugged still-life in pink, red and purple

You've never seen Lisianthus like this before
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Open the Flower Agenda on December, and the Lisianthus will beam out at you in a colourful array of different shades of red and pink. Where is the party?

Boeketrecept met Lisianthus

You will need

Both delicate and rugged

Appearances can be deceptive in the case of Lisianthus. With its dreamy appearance and romantic attitude, you often encountered this flower in delicate pastel shades. But did you know that behind this tender facade there’s a tough prairie pioneer? In Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado you can find the flower growing wild, and not always in the easiest of circumstances. So it's time to show off its rugged side!

Goodbye pastels, hello purple

Forget salmon pink, cream or pale yellow: for this bouquet you opt for purple Lisianthus. This colour lends depth to the bouquet and a firm base and contrasts beautifully with the holly's brilliant red berries. Bright pink Amarine’s elegant stems tower above, whilst statice lends more body to the arrangement. Divide the flowers between a couple of simple vases and top up regularly: LIsianthus likes a drink, particularly when the heating’s on.

A bouquet to share

Give your Lisianthus bouquet the admiration it deserves. On Instagram, for example with the hashtag #howflowersdothat