Flowers you don't want to miss this season

This season is all about comfort, cherishing and taking a moment to yourself. The Collecting Memories style trend gives you a familiar place, a feeling of coming home. A place where there is the time and peace to remember and cherish good memories. Flowers play a big part in this trend. They come back as lovely reminders and fine DIYs that help you to shift into a lower gear. The colours are soft, including pastels and dark greens that give a sense of security. 

Read on, discover the six flowers of this trend and give them a nice spot in your home!

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The beautiful, sweet-smelling Scabiosa represents pure love. She radiates warmth, love, purity and silence. Especially in the colour light blue, it fits perfectly into the style trend Collecting Memories. Use Scabiosa for our bouquet recipe for a vase full of memories.


Did you know that the ranunculus symbolises charm? In Victorian times, if you were gifting a bunch of ranunculus, you would say, 'I find you rich in attractiveness'. Oh, those were the days. Who are you gifting this bouquet of ranunculus to?


Dill is historically known as a flower that offers protection. Fill all the vases in your home with dill, because this flower keeps enemies out of your home, brings luck and wealth and ensures passion. And it helps witches stay away from you, too. Dill is also delicious in many dishes. Why not use it to make DIY pickled cucumbers?


Sit back and relax over a comforting cup of tea. Dahlia leaves are ometimes solid in colour, but often strikingly bright with speckles or stripes. Some flowers have one row of petals, others consist of dozens. Which colour do you like best? And how many rows of petals does your dahlia have?


The classic rose fits right in with this trend. She's like no other, and many have fond memories of this flower of love. That's why rose is wonderful for a bouquet recipe full of memories. It is also very special to dry the petals and use them as decorations for your notebook or photo album.


The carnation is a real friend to all. This vintage flower with frayed petals looks romantic and timeless without drawing too much attention to itself, while releasing a light, fragrant perfume into the air. It also makes a delicious tea.

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*Never eat just any cut flower or plant. Use only edible flowers from specialised suppliers that have been grown for consumption.