Bouquet recipe: the Summer bouquet

The outdoor feel of summer in your home

Oh yes! Summer has arrived! We're swapping shoes for sandals, pale faces for freckles and grey clouds for radiant sunshine. That heat-powered transformation doesn’t just apply to you - it also works in a vase. We have really enjoyed the classic spring bloomers, but now it’s time for them to make way for our summer favourites. Get a fresh vase ready for an extravagant tropical summer bouquet that brings that lovely outdoor feel into your home. Summer, come on in!

Bouquet recipe: the Summer bouquet -

Seasonal favourites

What’s so great about the change of season is that there is also a floral handover. Fragile, cautious spring bloomers make way for eccentric exotics that steal the show. Classic summer flowers like sunflower, gladiolus and allium have long been a familiar presence during the hotter months of the year. But obviously summer brings many more stunning vase favourites. Luckily the summer is long enough to experiment to your heart’s content. 

You will need

How to make it

You can ask your favourite florist to create a beautiful tropical bouquet, or you can do it yourself. Approach your bouquet like someone who is diving into an enviable swimming pool. Make sure that the vase is clean and the water is nice and fresh. Trim the flowers diagonally, and add some flower food to the water if necessary. The tropical bouquet looks best when the flowers are arranged playfully: a delphinium peeping over the top of the other flowers, a bold gerbera staring out over the edge of the vase, lathyrus peering curiously round the corner. There are no rules, except that it must suit you!


Place the vase in a cool spot away from the fruit bowl and not in full sun. Also read our tips on how to protect flowers from heat