Timeless white bouquets to brighten up the home

Mono-floral, paired or mixed

White bouquets have a timeless appeal. Serene arrangement that radiates peace and calm, the colour white is perfect for welcoming spring into your home. Choose your favourite style from mono-floral, paired or mixed, and bring some zen tranquility into your space.


Connecting with flowers - Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.ukMono-floral

A mono-floral bouquet is kind which has only one type of flower. Choose your favourite flower in a shade of white, such as fresh tulip, delicate freesia or beautifully scented lilies. We filled our vase with white petaled anemones.

Think carefully about the vase, in order to maintain the white palette. Choose a vase made of clear or frosted glass, or a pure white vase, as opposed to something brightly coloured. This simple yet elegant display brings a peaceful calm into your home, just like that descends on the world on the first warm day of spring. 


A paired bouquet combines two types of complimentary flowers: orchids with fringed tulips, for example.

As both flowers are white, it works well if you choose flowers with very distinctive shapes. You can also work with height to very good effect. With a few good stylistic choices, a simple paired bouquet is rapidly transformed in to a showpiece!


Let your imagination run wild with a mixed bouquet, as long as the base colour remains white. Tulips and roses are a great choice here, but any flowers will work as long as they come in white. Let your imagination run wild

A relaxed field bouquet works well with different flower types. Take a look at our wintry tulip bouquet for inspiration. Even a wild and playful display like this will maintain its calming effect if you use flowers in the same shade.


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