How to make a monochrome bouquet like a pro

Learn how you can make Nina Klein's beautifully powerful Floral Signature at home

Colour is one of the most important element of a striking floral arrangement.  Floral stylist Nina Klein is passionate about the artful power of flowers and specialises in monochrome bouquets, which stand out for their rich variety of shapes, textures and heights. 

Nina explains how to make your own powerful, beautiful monochrome bouquet like a pro. Read on and get inspired by colour!

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Nina Klein's floral signature

Nina Klein is a well-known floral stylist and owner of GOLDREGEN, a floral design shop in Cologne, Germany. Nina is known for her powerful, monochrome bouquets - her floral signature! 

Nina proves that a single-coloured bouquet can be a thrilling addition to your floral repertoire. Her monochrome arrangements draw attention and excite the sense. As the colours of the flowers exist in perfect harmony, the focus is on the natural shape, structure, scent and height of each individual bloom. GOLDREGEN's bouquets are arranged loosely, without a lot of additional greenery, placing the focus squarely on the flowers.

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Are you wondering what a monochrome bouquet à la Nina Klein looks like? We'll do you one better and show you how to make one yourself. Here, Nina displays two of her favourite monochrome bouquets: white and burgundy. Discover the supplies you need and a step-by-step plan to recreate these two bouquets at home. A monochrome bouquet can be any colour you like, so don't feel limited by our choices - choose your favourite colour! Check out Nina's tips and tricks to help you arrange a monochrome bouquet below!

red bouquet essentials

Could your home use a boost of colour, passion and energy in the form of a red bouquet? Or do you want to make your sweetheart happy with a romantic red floral arrangement? These are the flowers and greenery Nina used for her red bouquet:

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If you're looking to create a peaceful, luxurious feel to your home, a white bouquet is a great choice. Serene and elegant, white flowers also make a chic gift. These are the flowers Nina used:

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Want to put together your own monochrome bouquet just like a pro does? Keep the following things in mind. Love the concept, but not so keen on making a bouquet yourself? Bring some inspiration photos to your local florist, and they'll do the job for you.

  • Think in advance about what colour flowers you're going for. Take inspiration from the white and red bouquet in this article, match your bouquet to the colours you have in your home, or match the colour of the flowers to the colours of the season. Autumn calls for classic autumn colours such as orange, yellow, red and brown. Spring calls for fresh pastel shades, and bright colours create a perfect summer vibe.
  • Choose flowers that vary in shape, length and structure. By playing with these different elements, you'll create lightness and playfulness in your bouquet. Remember that tall, striking flowers such as Strelitzia and Anthurium are perfectly suited to be stand-outs in your bouquet, literally and figuratively. 
  • Choose a vase that harmonises with the colour of your chosen bouquet or go for a transparent or glass vase to put even more focus on the flowers. Want to do things a little differently? A contrasting vase colour can provide a striking twist. 
  • Think about where you want to place your bouquet and match the flowers, height of the bouquet and vase accordingly. The bouquet and vase on your kitchen counter can often be taller than those on a side table, for example. Tip: don't not place your bouquet next to a fruit bowl, in bright sunlight, near the heating or in a draught, as this will shorten the life of your flowers.


Here's our step-by-step plan for arranging your monochrome bouquet, with instructions on keeping your flowers as beautiful as possible for as long as possible:

  1. Cut the flower stems diagonally (at different heights depending on the flower) with a sharp, clean knife. 
  2. Arrange the flowers one by one in a clean vase filled with room-temperature water. Make sure there are no leaves hanging into the water in the vase, so remove any leaves at the bottom of the flower stems.
  3. If necessary, add cut flower food to extend the life of your flowers.
  4. Don't make the bouquet too compact, but keep it airy. Be daring and create variation! Arrange longer stems next to shorter ones and alternate coarse shapes with finer structures. 
  5. Change the vase water regularly and remove any leaves that have fallen into the water to prevent the flower stems from rotting.


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