Flowers you don't want to miss this season
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This season is all about the longing for nostalgia in a warm and rich interior. The Traditional Sentiment style trend makes you feel safe and relaxed and allows you to indulge in favourite hobbies both old and new, such as flower arranging. Flowers play a big role in this trend, with subtle arrangement in pretty, high-quality vases providing a recognisable, reassuring vibe.

Read on, discover the six flowers from this trend and put them in pride of place inside your home!

Traditional Sentiment
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The anemone flower contains a lot of symbolism. The flower stands for wanting to be with someone, expectation, caring and honesty. That makes this beautiful flower with deep feeling the ideal companion for time spent relaxing and reflecting on the sofa.


The golden Chrysanthemum is a welcome guest. With its yellow and orange petals, the flower brings warmth into the house even when it is bleak and unsociable outside. This flower is particularly beloved in Asia, where as well as beautiful bouquets of Chrysanthemum they also make tea from this flower.


The classic rose fits right in with this trend. This popular flower often brings with it memories of love and affection. This season, opt for a more unusual colour - orange or yellow, for example. 


Adding bouvardia to your bouquet will quickly create an impact. This star-shaped flower looks fantastic on its own or in a mix of other blooms. It makes little difference whether you choose her as the leading lady or give her a nice supporting role. She will shine regardless!


The carnation is a true friend of everyone. This vintage flower with frayed petals looks romantic and timeless without drawing too much attention to itself, while its light perfume scent everything nearby in a lovely, gentle way.


Place a single Cymbidium orchid in the vase and you have created a still life. This flower can be recognised by its long stem and flower spike with red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, green or bicoloured flowers.

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*Never eat just any cut flower or plant, only use edible flowers from specialised suppliers that are grown for consumption.