Bouquet recipe: an enchanting Christmas bouquet in a garden vase

To place on a pedestal

It's the not-so-obvious combinations that stick in your mind. Sweet and salty, pink and orange...and bouquets and garden vases, whether they're with or without a base or are made of concrete or real marble. Whatever kind of vase you choose, this bouquet recipe is so charming that it truly does deserve to be placed on a pedestal in the most choice spot in your house. 

Bouquet recipe: an enchanting Christmas bouquet |
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You will need:

How to make it

This bouquet is not something you can make in a jiffy, but it's all the better for it.  First of all, ransack your florist of all of their most beautiful flowers in rich, warm shades such as pink, red, purple and all of the shades in between. And for a bouquet recipe like this, you might need a second pair of hands to help you position it once it's complete - which is a great excuse to have a Christmas party. Add a nice Christmas cocktail and carols to create fun holiday vibes.

Take a vase that is currently standing empty in your garden or scour your local markets and shops for a good deal on a vase. Some garden vases have their own plinthes and others don't - select the kind you want depending on where you will place your magical bouquet in your home. 

The actual building of the bouquet is of course the most fun part of this bouquet recipe. The key to success lies in the selection of flowers and thinking carefully about how to arrange them. To achieve height, you can use something that gives you a helping hand such as chicken wire. Consider also using flowers trimmed to different heights of flowers. If you accidentally snap the stem of a flower, don't throw it away but instead utilise it as the base of your bouquet. 

Before placing it on display, examine the bouquet from all angles to ensure that it looks as good from the back as it does from the front. Is everything absolutely perfect with not a stem out of place? Then it's time to enjoy your bouquet!

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