An aperitif bouquet

Is it five o'clock already?

Some lunches become dunches (yes, that really exists) and become the grand dinner of the day. But first: an aperitif and a change of look, for both yourself and the flowers on the table.

Apero boeketjes
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We all know what time of day to slip into a cocktail dress, and that you don't take a tote bag to dinner but an evening bag instead. The same goes for flowers. A bouquet that works perfectly in the daytime might not be as well suited to the evening. It's time to transform the flowers on your table into aperitif bouquets. Where should you display them? In drinking glasses, of course!

get the table (and yourself) ready

As you start setting the table for supper, set out your flowers as well. Choose some beautiful stems from the flamboyant spring bouquet on your table and put them in cocktail glasses with some fresh water. then pour yourself a delicious cold glass of lemonade, or a negroni. It's time for an aperitif!

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