An early bird bouquet by the door

Start the day right with flowers
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If you happen to be up at dawn one day, you can see them buzzing around the streets like busy bees: society’s early birds. These are the real larks, or their work has got them up before cock’s crow. They deliver the new morning newspaper, cycle to the hospital for the early shift, or transport you from A to B while you still stare sleepily out of the train window. How amazing it is that they get up bright and early every day to keep the wheels turning. Make their early morning a bit brighter by surprising them with an early bird bouquet by the door. 

An early bird bouquet by the door

A surprise on the doorstep

Picture the scene: the paper boy or girl who unsuspectingly walks up to the front door and sees a cheerful bunch of flowers there. The bouquet bears a card with his or her name. For me?! The rest of the neighbourhood will have a beaming paper delivery that day. You can also place the bouquet outside someone’s door. How nice is that? The day starts well when there are flowers involved!

Awakening colours and scents

Spring has arrived. Nature is waking from its hibernation, and is proudly displaying brightly coloured flowers that also smell delectable. You can make an early bird bouquet with classic spring flowers like ranunculus, hyacinth and daffodil. Cut the stems a bit shorter and tie the flowers tightly together to make a bouquet easy to carry. Also fun and perfect for on-the-go is an early bird corsage: a tiny bouquet that you can pop in your breast pocket. That’ll brighten up even the dullest work uniform.