Fragrant spring flowers

An idea for a beautifully scented spring bouquet

Sweet-scented spring flowers are seasonal trips down memory lane. A waft of their fragrance as you walk past transports us instantly back to happy springs of our childhoods, full of sunshine and laughter. This year, bring the joy and hope of spring indoors with seasonal scented flowers.

Fragrant spring flowers
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If you’re looking for a deliciously-scented bouquet, then combine colour, shape and perfume in a seasonal bouquet of freesiahyacinths, mimosalilac and tuberose. All you need for long-lasting freshness is a clean vase and some water. Lay back on the sofa, close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful scent that wafts around you.

Read on to learn more about five beautiful flowers whose fragrances are positively brimming with spring.


This vintage flower has the most delicious perfume. The cheerful freesia, arranged staggered on their stems, are a quick way to bring spring's colour into your home.



The flower of the sun god Apollo brings guaranteed sunshine into your home. Plus, it smells amazing. The fragrance of hyacinth is so inextricably associated with springtime that, when the flowers open, you'll find yourself smiling.



These fluffy round yellow flowers are reminiscent of a rising sun, full of warmth and splendour. The fragrance of mimosa is just as amazing as the colour it brings to the vase. Use as a solo flower, or team up with other spring blooms.



These tiny clouds of flowers with a powderpuff scent don’t just sound poetic, they also look divine. Lilac is fabulous whether in a bouquet or flying solo in a glass jar by your bed. The perfume is almost guaranteed to give you sweet dreams.



This flower certainly makes its presence known by its perfume. At night, the fragrance is particularly strong. Placed in your bedroom, tuberose will fill your dreams with shades of jasmine and honey.


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